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People always ask me how I came up with Zap Labeler. The short answer is that I didn’t. The long answer is nothing short of a true American success story. People always ask to buy the items on the bottom of our ‘Recommended Companies’ tab. We’re different companies, but all related in a sense.  Here is the wonderful story of how we came about and the many peoples lives that have been touched along the way.

     My father, suffered chronic itchy skin for most his life. Especially in the winter, his legs would get so dry and

itchy that he scratched them until they bled. He would rub up against door jams to scratch his back, but nothing

seemed to help. His doctor diagnosed his problem as Pruritus and advised him to use a hydrocortisone cream. But hydrocortisone and antihistamine creams are not made for use on large areas of the body or for extended

periods of time. He tried all the creams, oils, lotions and potions on the market and nothing worked. Finally, he

set out to find his own remedy. Necessity really is the mother of invention. After years of research and

experimentation, in the early 1990s he discovered the right mixture of all-natural ingredients - a revolutionary

new treatment for itchy skin. 

     He developed a formula and gave it to his friends and family for them to try out and see how it works. They

all had great results and loved it. In 2002 he started Presley Direct LLC, a company that would manufacture and

sell his wonderful itch remedy. He started out filling his bottles by hand. Messy scoops and funnels. He called all

sorts of manufacturing companies and researched ways to fill his bottles and couldn’t find anything affordable

for small startups.  As before, he saw a necessity that wasn’t being filled by any company he could find. He set

out developing a manual bottle filler and came up with Handy Filler after a year of development.  It was a

godsend to his son, my brother, who had the painful task of filling each bottle individually by hand. He sold Itch-no-more to my brother so he could have time to finish the development of his new invention.  Right around the time he perfected his filling machine, Itch-no-more w as looking for a way to label their bottles. They couldn’t find anything to do the job for less than $2500!  My dad knew at that moment what he had to

start working on. He started working on a manual bottle labeler. He was so busy working with Handy Filler he

didn’t have the time to really dive into development of his new invention so he sold the business to his cousin,

Jon. Jon has been going gangbusters ever since. He’s developed different nozzles for all different kinds of

products. Chunky, slimy, oily and sticky products can now be used in the Handy Filler.

     After quite a few years of tinkering with DIY labelers, my father set his sights on a production level applicator. When he got it he was able to finally say he’d created a manual bottle labeler that could be manufactured inexpensively enough to be of use to small and home businesses around the world. At that point he set up another business. Easy Labeler was a phenomenal success. He was selling at a rate that was truly surprising and it was actually a struggle to keep up with the sales. One of our old family friends saw what was going on with this little invention and had seen the success of Itch-no-More and Handy Filler and wanted in. He bought Easy Labeler from my father and has been having the time of his life ever since. Sales from Easy Labeler have continued to surprise us to this day. Customers started asking about a capping machine. They’d share stories about tired and cramped hands after an afternoon of cranking on lids and caps and kept wondering if he’d come up with some way to quickly and easily cap their products. In short order he developed Quick Capper, a semi-automated way for people to screw on twist caps on containers of all sizes. This being the fourth invention he’d come up with he started to realize that he’s not really interested in running a businesses. He loved the tinkering and inventing. All the business stuff was getting in the way of his inventing stuff. He sold Quick Capper to another old family friend and started work on his new idea. There were so many people looking for a labeler that would not only label round containers, but one that would also label boxes or bags, oval bottles and square bottles. The idea for Zap Labeler took a while to perfect. He got to a place where he had a working prototype and gave me a call. We both knew that he didn’t really care for the business part of it so we came up with a plan. I would start a business manufacturing and selling Zap Labelers and would give ‘pops’ a royalty for each machine we sold. It was a win for us both. He didn’t have to mess with starting a business and could focus on inventing, and I had business that gave me dreams of being able to quit my day job. I began the process of learning everything about the labeling business. I researched my competitors and all the different labeling styles for months. I contacted label printing companies and customers trying to figure out exactly what I was getting myself into. I got to the place where I was comfortable with all the different aspects of labeling and filed for my LLC in October 2013.  After that we re-engineered all of our machines and found that they work extremely well for labeling wine bottles, beer bottles, hot sauce bottles, tubes, pipes, pencils, syringes as well as boxes, bags, square, oval and round containers. Since then we have been helping people across the world get into and stay competitive by offering an inexpensive label applicators that will label just about anything you put on them. We’ve continued to improve on the original Zap Labeler design and are truly proud of the product and service we’re providing aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. After having so many people request a semi-automatic wine bottle labeling machine, we decided to spend some time providing just that. With the newest addition to our line of labeling machines, customers now have the option to choose a semi-automatic, adjustable speed, powered label applicator! It wont just label wine bottles, it'll label beer bottles, shampoo bottles and more. Basically any round container over 2" in diameter! Keep an eye out for new, innovative products coming out from our neck of the woods. You can be assured that they’ll provide as great a price point and service as the labeling machines, cappers and fillers we’ve already been a part of.

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