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Consider printing your own labels

Monday, February 21, 2022 12:57 PM

Consider printing your own labels!

Break the habit of spending thousands more than necessary by paying someone else to print your labels.

Printing your own labels in-house is good for business enabling you to save time, money and increase your flexibility.  Short run labels, multiple sku's, or frequent label changes are super easy once you decide to print your own labels. 

Benefits of printing your own labels:

  • Cost Savings
  • Ability to print short label runs
  • Print only the labels you need, no overstock
  • Endless customization of labels 

Cost Savings

'Cost-per-label' is the term you'll hear a lot. This refers to the obvious 'cost-per-label', but more important is what that cost includes.  The cost of the actual label material, the cost of the print ink and the whatever overhead or markup there is.

A good example is from a label I had printed a while back. It was a 4"x3" label that had about 50% ink coverage.  The cost per label from the printer was given to me at .13¢ each for 1000 labels. 

That same label printed out in my own shop using Afinia's L801 Commercial Digital Color Label printer would break down like this per label: 

Ink Cost: .0012¢  Label Cost: .057$

Total Cost Per Label In-House: .058¢

Total Cost Per Label from Print Company: .13¢   

Thats over a 50% savings when you print your own labels in this example. 

A quick way to affect the bottom line or break even point on a product is to lower your costs. 

For me, the savings speak volumes for anyone that requires self adhesive roll labels. The savings in the long term add up quickly and your return on investment will show up in your books in no time. Depending on your the label volume your printer will pay for itself in a very short amount of time. Inexpensive label printing at your fingertips.

Ability to print short run labels

Printing small batches of labels using a traditional print company is almost always cost prohibitive. They certainly like to charge a premium on short runs of labels under 1000.   In addition to premium costs involved, the time it takes to get your labels from a print house can sometimes take weeks or even months depending on where you're getting your labels. 

Whether you have multiple sku's or have label information that changes often, printing your own labels gives you the ability to change your label and print on the fly.  The direct result being a significant savings of time and money.

Print Only the Labels You Need

When printing with an outside vendor you often have to buy labels in bulk to reduce your per-label-cost. This leaves rolls of unused labels around gathering dust and taking up space.   Keeping track of how many labels you have left and reordering in time for however long they take is difficult at best.

With your own print system you have the ability to have labels on demand. The amount of labels you need, when you need them.  No wasted obsolete labels to throw away. 

Endless Customization of Labels

Owning your own digital color label printer gives you the opportunity to print an endless variety of labels on-demand.  Custom color and custom sizes are a breeze when you're in control. Easily create and print special promotional labels, seasonal labels or labels for a specific event. In-house printing gives you the ability to create batch numbers or lot numbers without having to wait or pay a premium for different label batches. 

You'll have the ability to design and print your labels in real time. See what your packaging will look like immediately and not in the weeks it would take a print house to finally get back to you. 

The ability to quickly adapt to the market and your customers buying preferences and the ability to stay on top of fast moving trends are great reasons to consider purchasing your own label printer.

As I Said Before... 'Print Your Own Labels!'

Printing your own labels can help give you and your company a competitive advantage by drastically reducing your overall packaging costs while giving you unprecedented convenience.

Our favorite label printer is the Afinia L801 coupled with our ZLA+ Semiautomatic Round Bottle Labeler

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