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"How Much Does It Cost To Print Labels?"

Thursday, August 25, 2022 8:57 AM

How To Determine Label Printing Costs

Everyone needing labels usually will end up asking "How much does it cost to print labels?" The real cost of printing labels comes down to three things. Printer cost, ink cost and label stock cost. These things together are known as 'cost of ownership'. This article is hopefully going to help you learn the difference and see how to avoid hidden costs for creating your own print and apply stock to apply with your labeling machine.

Investment vs. Expense

Although buying printer is in fact, an expense, the argument that is an investment leading to significant savings is easily made once we look at the numbers. Investments bring returns. A printer for your business can actually end up saving you an enormous amount of money depending on how many labels you use. An expense is just a part of doing business and is usually for simple but essential items to conduct business. 

The volume of labels needed per month and the ink coverage on your label will determine what the best option would be for your company and how much ink per label is going to be. Give us a call to see how we can help lower your monthly and yearly outlay for labels! Toll Free 800-617-5251

Calculating in-house label printing cost per month

[ink cost per label] x [estimated monthly volume] = [label cost per month]

Calculating in-house label printing cost per year

[label cost per month] x 12 months = [label cost per year]

Scenario 1 - Outsourcing your label printing

Company A uses 20000 labels a month and outsources their label printing to a reputable print company as a reasonable cost. A typical cost-per-label for a 4"x3" label with 80% ink coverage is about .12¢ a label.

.14$ Per label X 20000 Labels = $2800.00

Scenario 2 - Buying a low cost printer

Company B uses 20000 labels a month and purchases a low cost label printer which will get the job done but doesn't necessarily factor in ink cost for that many labels. This label price and ink cost price is based on the volume of labels and the ink usage on our ink cost estimator found here on an entry level L301 Digital Color Label Printer

.03¢ Per label + .09¢ Ink cost X 20000 Labels = $2400.00

Scenario 3 - Purchasing a better printer

Company C uses 50000 labels a month and opts to purchase a printer that optimizes ink cost and the amount of labels printed. The volume discount on the labels themselves coupled with the optimized ink usage brings the price per label way down. This ink usage estimate is based on the L801 Commercial Color Label Printer.

.02¢ Per Label + .01¢ Ink Cost x 50000 Labels = $1500

If you only print a few thousand labels per month, the lower cost printer makes sense. If you print more than that, the increased cost of a more expensive printer is easily made up in a single year...and the savings would keep getting better. 

Comparing ink cost for in-house label printing