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Discovering a Gap in the eJuice Production Line / Small Bottle Labeling Methods

Thursday, October 12, 2023 9:22 AM

While diving into the eJuice industry, I uncovered a lack of streamlined processes to support its manufacturing and packaging efforts. Sure, there's a plethora of eJuice suppliers, and finding bottles or containers for eLiquid is a breeze. Yet, when it comes to cohesive guidelines on the efficient production, bottling, and labeling of eJuice, there’s a void. This guide aims to enlighten enthusiasts on optimal practices for labeling and packaging eJuice products. Stay tuned for insights on bottle filling, capping, and avant-garde packaging techniques.

Choosing the Right Container

While the focus is on eJuice and eLiquid containers, the principles discussed can be adapted to any product requiring labeling. Be it bags, boxes, or bottles, knowledge is the key.

Navigating Label Printing

You're faced with two primary choices: DIY printing or outsourcing. If you choose the former, you can opt for a standard inkjet or laser printer, which can range from $50 to $5000. However, be cautious about the ink costs, which can sometimes exceed the printer’s price. For those seeking professional services, communicate your label dimensions and colors. If you're looking at roll labels, ensure you specify the orientation and maximum roll size. Alternatively, consider a thermal printer, a cost-effective option that offers monochrome prints using heat. Be sure to check out our 'Estimated Cost of Ownership' chart and our line of Afinia Digital Label Printers.

Labeling Methods Decoded

• Hand Labeling: Perfect for startups or small-scale operations. Although cost-effective, it's labor-intensive and may not guarantee uniform application. Tip: Avoid hand pain with gloves or a label applicator. Potential output? Roughly 300 to 500 labels per hour.

• Manual & Semi-Automatic Labeling: Here, machines lend a hand, ensuring consistency and efficiency. The primary difference lies in motorization. These labelers specialize in certain container types but some versatile models require minimal setup time. Costs fluctuate between $500 and $5000, depending on features. On average, you can produce 500 to 1200 labels hourly. A pro-tip: Always validate the speed claims of manufacturers.

• Fully Automated Systems: The gold standard for labeling, these machines, priced from $15000 and upwards, can generate 100 to 1000 labels per minute. Their complexity necessitates a specialized technician.

In Conclusion

Before investing in a labeling machine, be vigilant about potential hidden costs. Engage with sales representatives to clarify doubts and ensure a smooth transition to your new labeling venture.

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