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VPF108SL - $399

Thin to Medium Viscosity Liquids

Can Handle Particulates up to 1/8"

Our most popular filler. It can dispense 1 oz to 9 oz per stroke and is the best filler for food and drink. It is made of FDA Approved Materials, and features variable volumetric filling from 1 oz to 9 oz per stroke.  For water thin to medium viscosity lotions, Hot sauce BBQ Sauce, oils, lotions, slurries and products with chunks, grains or seeds up to 1/8″ in diameter. Temperatures to 180F. Not for thick creams or batters.

Zap Labeler is teaming up with one of the industries leading manufacturers of fillers and filling systems.

Handy Filler is the affordable solution for

filling all sizes of containers with:

Liquids • Chunky Sauces • Oils • Creams • Lotions

Liquor • Wine • Beer • Kombucha • Thin Sauces


Affordable Hand Operated Piston Bottle & Jar Filling Machines

Home of the $399

Bottle & Jar Filling Machine!

At Handy Filler Filling Systems we specialize in low cost, high output fillers. Our line of manual and semi automatic filling machines will make quick work filling containers of all sizes with all types of material.  From thick chunky sauces, smooth oils to heavy creams Handy Filler will fill them all!

The Handy Filler was developed when I had a small business where I had to fill bottles by hand. I know how time consuming and sloppy the process can be. Looking for a better solution, I could only find automatic fillers whose prices started in the thousands of dollars. I developed the Handy Filler as an alternative. We offer affordable filling machines by manufacturing our filling systems and selling direct to the consumer. We bypass reseller markup and pass those savings on to you. We are a small business for small businesses.

Handy Fillers are ideal for those small businesses that

have grown too big to keep up by filling by hand!

Handy Fillers are simple, lever-action filling machines that are perfect fro filling most types of liquids, lotions, creams, sauces, even liquids containing chunks.  To set how much you want to fill a container, a small adjustment is made to stop collar on the piston rod. It's that easy!

Our filling systems are manufactured using high quality matierals and are guaranteed to provide years of reliable service. We use stainless steel and FDA approved polumers on all of our fillers for ease of cleaning and to be foodsafe.  The benifits of using these materials are durability, corrosion resistance and the ability to function at temperatures up to 180F.

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VPF108A2 - $535

Medium & High Viscosity Sticky Liquids

Can Handle Particulates up to 3/8"

VPF108SL modified with our FDA approved High Viscosity Valve Assembly. It's designed to handle “sticky” products. It works great with honey and syrup. With the spring check valves needed to manage the sticky products, no bits or pieces larger than 3/8″ can pass through. This setup has 1 inch valves throughout and you’ll be able to fill from 1oz up to 9oz in one pump of medium and high viscosity level products. If your product is thick with a sticky nature, you need this option.

VPF108A3 - $799

Low, Medium & High Viscosity Liquids

Cosmetics & Essential Oils

VPF108SL modified with our 1/2″ stainless steel valve assembly. This Stainless Steel valve assembly has 1/2″ valves throughout, and can handle your cosmetics with essential oils. With this setup you’ll be able to fill from 1oz up to 9oz in one pump of low, medium and high viscosity level products. If your product contains essential oils, this is the machine you want. The stainless steel valve assembly prevents scent and flavor cross over if you have multiple types.

VPF108A1 - $525

Medium & High Viscosity Liquids

Can Handle Particulates up to 1/2"

VPF108SL modified with our FDA approved High Viscosity Valve Assembly. This model is designed to handle salsa, clam chowder and other viscous food products with bits and chunks up to 1/2″. This setup has 1 inch valves throughout. You’ll be able to fill from 1oz up to 9oz in one pumps If your products are thick and chunky, you need this option.

VPF108PV - $545

Medium & High Viscosity

Thick Creams, Gels & Lotions

VPF108 modified to handle thick creams, gels and lotions by using larger 3/4″ valves. 1oz to 9 oz per stroke. The maximum operating temperature is 140F. NSF Rated

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