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Between the ZL5 & ZL8 you'll be able to

label just about any container you've got!

The applicators that started it all. The ZL5 and ZL8 labeling machines. 

The ZL5 and ZL8 are perfect for your hard to label containers. The low cost and high output make our labeler the perfect choice for small to mid-sized operations. 

Our ZL5 and ZL8 are manual labeling machines and are super simple to use and operate. Labeling is as simple as setting the guide rails to set the start point for your container. Setting the laser module to set the start point for your label and then pulling your container down over the padded roller to apply the label. Due to the method of application, it takes almost no effort to quickly and accurately apply labels to the container of your choice!

The ZL5 and ZL8 label applicators are almost the same. The difference is in the size label rolls that will fit. The ZL8 is built to accomodate a much larger label roll, either for a much higher production (less label roll swaps) or for much larger labels. Any container that can be labeled on the ZL5 can be labeled on the ZL8.

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The ZL5 was our original manual label applicator. It has undergone quite a few changes since our very first bottle labeler. The result is that it as well as the ZL8 can label a wide variety of containers using pressure sensitive labels on a roll.  If you're wanting to label round containers, please check out our ZLS label applicator for small round containers under 2" in diameter, or our ZLA semi automatic bottle labeler for any containers over 2" in diameter.  

Please take a minute to visit one of our favorite container supply companies:

SKS Bottle for small quantities or Container & Packaging Supply for bulk!

manual small bottle labeler
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The Original

ZL5 & ZL8

money back guarantee zap labeler

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The super adaptable ZL5 & ZL8 Label Applicators

are the perfect solution for applying labels to:

Boxes • Bags • Hex Jars • Mason Jars

CD Cases • Bags • Mylar Pouches • Craft Pouches

Square, Oval, Round & Cylindrical Containers

• Practically Any Container •

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Label Applicator

For Other Than Round

Using Label Rolls up to

5" wide x 8" In Diameter - ZL5

8" wide x 10" In Diameter - ZL5

ZL5/8/S Additional Table

Extra table for different guide rail setups

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Additional Table For

ZL 5/8/S Applicators

This addition to the ZL5/8/S labelers will enable you to swap out guides very quickly to minimize downtime.

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The videos below show the method of application but are using previous ZL5 models.

The method of application will be the same on the current model applicators.

The Worlds Most Versatile Label Applicators!

The best option for low cost, high output labeling machinery!

Label Orientation Chart

Click here to see how to pick the right label orientation for your roll!

This addition to the ZL5/8/S applicators will enable you to swap out guides very quickly to minimize downtime.

Additional Table For ZL 5/8/S Applicators

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This addition to the ZLA provides a downward pressure to your containers helping to improve stability for super light containers.

Weighted Roller Attachment

Choose For Which Model

3" core plugs suitable for any label roll with a 3" core.

3" Core Plugs (two pieces)


These are replacement arms to hold the label roll. The small arms can hold an 8" diameter label roll and the large arms can hold a 10.5" label roll.

Replacement Arms

Choose Size

Replacement Parts

Our manual square bottle labeling machine is an affordable option for small to mid-sized businesses, reducing the barrier to entry when it comes to professional labeling. Its ease of use is a standout feature, allowing for quick setup and operation without the need for extensive training or technical expertise. This is particularly beneficial for craft brewers and specialty product manufacturers who may have diverse packaging needs. The machine’s flexibility is also a major advantage; it can handle a variety of bottle sizes and label materials with minimal adjustments needed.

Our manual labelers are low-maintenance due to their simple design with fewer moving parts and electronic components, which translates into fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs. They also operate without the need for electricity, offering reliability in areas where power supply may be inconsistent and the freedom to label virtually anywhere.

The compact and lightweight nature of these machines makes them easily portable, allowing businesses to set up a labeling station wherever it's most convenient. This portability, combined with their small footprint, means they are especially suitable for operations where space is at a premium.

Quality control is another significant benefit. Operators have the opportunity to inspect each label as it's applied, ensuring every product meets the business's standards. This hands-on approach is invaluable for maintaining a high level of presentation, particularly important for businesses that pride themselves on the quality and appearance of their product packaging.

These machines are particularly useful for short production runs or when dealing with a variety of products. The ease with which they can be set up for different label sizes and designs makes them ideal for businesses that require the flexibility to switch between products quickly, like those offering seasonal items or limited edition products.

In essence, our manual square bottle labeling machine provides a balance of cost-efficiency, control, and adaptability, making it a smart choice for businesses as they expand and adapt to market demands.

Zap Labeler - ZL5-8

ZL5/8: For applying labels to containers

using self-adhesive label rolls.

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