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Labeling round, square, flat and oval containers has always been a problem for small businesses. Before now, semi-automatic label applicators for round, square, oval and tapered bottles have been so expensive that many people just continue to label by hand. It's very hard to get it right. When the label is even slightly off, it looks terrible.

Our labeling machine gets it right every time, with every application!

At just $449, the Zap Labeler comes to the rescue.

Our labeling machine applies labels as quickly and precisely as label applicator machines costing over 5 times as much. We are able to offer such a quality label applicator at such a low cost because we machine the parts and assemble the labelers in our own shop and then sell them directly to you. No distributor and retailer markup is added to the price and no shipping costs from China. We’re happy to say all of our machines are made right here in the USA. You’ll be happy when you see how quickly and easily your containers get labeled.

Zap Labeler is the affordable solution for

applying self adhesive roll labels to:

Round & Cylindrical  Containers • Square & Faceted Containers • Oval Containers • Tubes

Tapered Containers • Flat Containers • CDs and DVDs • Boxes • Mylar Pouches • Paper Bags

Jars • Vials • Cosmetic Bottles • Wine Bottles, Beer Bottles, Hot Sauce Bottles, Lip Balm Tubes & More

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We offer a broad range of products in order to help supply every business, small or large with a packaging solution to help maximize their production and reduce cost.