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Zap Labeler ZLA Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeler
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The ZLA!

Our Semi Automatic
Labeling Machine!

The powered rollers on our ZLA make for a very fast and accurate application of labels to any round container. From a small bottle to a 1 gallon growler, our label applicator makes short work of your labeling project. 

Labeling 10 to 100000 labels becomes an inexpensive

and easy task with the Zap Labeler ZLA!

The ZLA is perfect for vineyards and breweries. The low cost and high output make our labeler the perfect choice for small to mid-sized operations. 

Our ZLA semi automatic labeler is high quality and has a very easy and functional thumb switch usable by righties and lefties alike. Labeling is as simple as placing the bottle and pushing the button. Our speed adjustable labeler is perfect for any skill level! Anyone looking for a semi automatic beer bottle label applicator won't go wrong with our ZLA.  This model uses self adhesive, pressure sensitive labels on a roll. It will apply labels to just about any round container between 2" in diameter to 8" in diameter.  To use the labeler, simply put your label roll on the machine, pull the material through the feeders, set the bottle stop, and apply your labels. The advantage of this model over a manual labeler is that you're pushing a button to have the machine apply the label instead of the operator.

From 2” to 6” in diameter, the Zap Labeler ZLA can get it done!

Our ZLA+ can label containers as small as 2” and uses a foot pedal to operate it.

If you're needing to label small round containers, please check out our ZLS model labeling machine.

Check out Wizard Labels and see how they can help with getting an awesome label at a great price!

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The speed adjustable ZLA Semi Automatic Label Applicator is the perfect solution for applying labels to:

Beer Bottles • Juice Bottles

Wine Bottles • Hot Sauce Bottles

BBQ Sauce Bottles • eJuice Bottles

Paint Cans & More!

• Practically Any Round Bottle, Jar or Can! •

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Bottle Labeler

For Containers Over 2"

Zap Labeler - ZLA

ZLA: For round bottles and

self-adhesive label rolls.

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Weighted Roller Attachment

This addition to the ZLA prvides a downward pressure to your containers helping to improve stability for super light containers.


Label Orientation Chart

Click here to see how to pick the right label orientation for your roll!

This addition to the ZLA provides a downward pressure to your containers helping to improve stability for super light containers.

Weighted Roller Attachment

Choose For Which Model

3" core plugs suitable for any label roll with a 3" core.

3" Core Plugs (two pieces)


These are replacement arms to hold the label roll. The small arms can hold an 8" diameter label roll and the large arms can hold a 10.5" label roll.

Replacement Arms

Choose Size

Replacement Parts