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The ZLS!

The fastest table top label applicator in the world for just about any container under 2 in diameter!

One of the applicators we're most proud of. The ZLS labeling machine. 

We firmly believe that the ZLS is the fastest table top applicator in the

world for any container under 2” in diameter!

The ZLS is perfect for small containers. The low cost and high output make our labeler the perfect choice for small to mid-sized operations. 

From .25” to 2” in diameter, the Zap Labeler ZLS can make short work of your labeling project!

Most manual label applicators have an awkward hand crank or has a take up reel for your waste material. Our ZLS is super simple to use and operate. Labeling is as simple as rolling the knob with the palm of your hand and you've got it. The waste material spills out at your feet for quick disposal.  Label roll swaps are super fast and take only a minute or two.  Due to the method of application, it's not uncommon for this small bottle labelers high speed labeling to easily reach between 1600 and 2000 labels an hour! We're pretty confident that our fast label applicator would even beat any semi automatic labeling machines out there!  This labeling system works perfectly as a vial labeler or tube labeler. It'll apply labels quickly and accurately to small jars, medicine bottles, doob tubes, syringes, crayons, pencils, and more. Basically any round container under 2". This is the best label applicator for small bottles. Perfect for marijuana doob tubes and tincture bottles!


     If you are needing to label round containers over 2", please check out our ZLA Semi Automatic Bottle Labeler.  While you're at it, check Berlin Packaging to see if you can find better pricing on your containers!  

Label up to 2000 labels per hour quickly and accurately!

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Tubes • Vials • Juice Bottles

Droppers • Hot Sauce Bottles • Syrup Bottles

Syringes • eJuice Bottles • Tincture Bottles

CDB & Hemp • Plus Many More!

• Practically Any Round Container Under 2” •

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Bottle Labeler

For Containers Under 2".

Zap Labeler - ZLS

ZLS: For round bottles and

self-adhesive label rolls.

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small round jar and bottle labeling examples
small round jar and bottle labeling examples
small round jar and bottle labeling examples
labeling medicine jar
zls small round bottle labeler

The super fast ZLS Label Applicator for small round containers is the perfect solution for applying labels to:

Label Orientation Chart

Click here to see how to pick the right label orientation for your roll!

This addition to the ZL5/8/S applicators will enable you to swap out guides very quickly to minimize downtime.

Additional Table For ZL 5/8/S Applicators

Choose Table Type

This addition to the ZLA provides a downward pressure to your containers helping to improve stability for super light containers.

Weighted Roller Attachment

Choose For Which Model

3" core plugs suitable for any label roll with a 3" core.

3" Core Plugs (two pieces)


These are replacement arms to hold the label roll. The small arms can hold an 8" diameter label roll and the large arms can hold a 10.5" label roll.

Replacement Arms

Choose Size

Replacement Parts