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Shrink Sleeve Packaging Considerations

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 1:00 PM

Businesses are using shrink sleeves more because they offer performance benefits. These labels can be used to create a variety of designs depending on the product. Here are four big reasons why businesses use shrink sleeves.

Degree Design Capabilities That Are 360

Shrink sleeves are a versatile packaging option that can provide an alternative to pressure sensitive labels in several ways. For example, as a shrink sleeve can be custom-shaped to your product, it can provide complete coverage of the container where pressure sensitive labels are limited to the main surface area. This allows you to fully brand your product from the neck finish to the base, providing a design that fully covers every square inch of your product.

Custom Shapes Using Form Fitting Sleeves

Shrink sleeves come in a variety of styles. They can be used to enhance the comfort and performance of squeeze bottles. Another application is to create custom packaging that intrigues customers. Shrink sleeves help to create eye-catching packaging, because they can be used to highlight ergonomic grips, extended necks or other eye-catching shapes.

Extra Design Protection

A pressure sensitive label is printed with ink on the outside of the label and is easily scratched. If you want to protect the label, you need to laminate it or use some other type of protection. Shrink sleeves are different because the design is printed on the inside of the sleeve, so the ink is protected by the sleeve. The sleeve is resistant to scratches and abrasion, and it can protect your design from potential damage.

Potential for Built-in Security

Some specialty foods and products require tamper-evident packaging. Shrink sleeves have the unique ability to provide quality labels and tamper seals at the same time.

While you can design separate labels and add them to your product as seals, you can use your sleeve to cover your closure and create a perforation over it. This will let your users tear away the top of your sleeve, reducing the amount of time and energy you need to apply it. Your design can also extend to your closure to make a full seal.

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