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It can shrink full sleeve shrink labels and heat shrinkable tamper evident shrink bands on just about any container. No other labeling method that provides a wider range of colors, details and application options as shrink sleeve labels applied with our Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator.

Our shrink packaging machine is an affordable shrink sleeve label applicator for small and home businesses. It is wonderful for lotion bottles and cosmetic jars, beer and wine bottles, and any oddly shaped containers.

The Zap Labeler Shrink Sleeve Packaging machine is made in the USA, affordable for small businesses, has a 30 day money back guarantee and friendly service for the lifetime of the machine.

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Shipping Information

All orders are shipped out within 5 business days. Shipments are sent using FedEx for domestic shipments and USPS Priority Mail for international.

Warranty Information

Lifetime telephone and video support comes with all purchases and all of our machines are warrantied for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase for parts and labor.

Return Information

If you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a refund of the original purchase price. Returns after 30 days are subject to approval and a 20% restocking fee.

Returns after 60 days are not accepted.

Our manual heat shrink machine will enable you to get any product you have packaged quickly, easily and with no wrinkles or bubbles.

Be sure to check out Consolidated Label Co.

and see how they can help with getting awesome

shrink sleeve packaging labels at a great price!

If you're needing to label small round containers,

please check out our ZLS model labeling machine.

If you're needing to label anything else, our

  ZL5 or ZL8should be able to handle it!

Our shrink sleeve machine

is the affordable solution for applying shrink sleeves to:

Round & Cylindrical  Containers

Square & Faceted Containers • Oval Containers Tubes • Tapered Containers • Jars • Vials

Cosmetic Bottles • Wine Bottles

Beer Cans & Bottles • Hot Sauce Bottles

Lip Balm Tubes • Joint Tubes & More

Zap Labeler Money Back Guarantee
Made In The USA

Just place your container on the grille and pull the handle. 

Our hand-operated bench-top vertical shrink tunnel can apply up to 1000 labels an hour on containers up to 4 inches in diameter. It is a durable little machine, and will give you many years of reliable service. If you are unhappy with it, for any reason, just contact me to arrange a return for a full refund. 

If you are a small business, this is the packaging machine you have been looking for!

Normally containers with curves or tapers have a hard time being labeled by traditional labels. With a shrink sleeve label you can apply high impact full color messaging with ease. Full color shrink sleeve labels cover more area on your container, giving you the ability to put more information on your product.

Shrink Sleeve Labels are frequently are used for personal care items, beverage or food packages. Shrink sleeve packaging machines work by applying heat to shrink sleeve labels. The steam heat causes the label sleeve to tightly conform to the body of the product’s packaging. This creates an attractive label that can easily be recycled. 

The Zap Labeler Shrink wrapping machine costs a fraction of traditional heat tunnels. We don't use any conveyor belts, it's easily movable and will fit on any counter top. Other shrink wrap systems, steam tunnels and shrink tunnels require a dedicated space taking up a large area. Steam tunnels don't do well with containers that have cold contents. You'll want them to be room temperature.

Call now to learn more about our shrink sleeve packaging systems and how they can benefit your business.

Why You Should Use Shrink Sleeve Labels

When walk down the isles at a store, you may notice some elaborate plastic labels that wrap around some products. You might even wonder how the label wraps so seamlessly around products with different shapes without adhesive. In most cases, you're looking at a shrink sleeve label, a relatively new type of visually appealing and versatile product packaging that features a highly durable tamper-evident seal. 

Shrink Sleeves are made from a film that fits loosely over your container. Heat is applied to the sleeve and it shrinks to wrap singly around the container. This creates a label that covers the entire product. Shrink sleeve labels are ideal for all types and sizes of containers.

Shrink sleeves are are gaining popularity for several reasons.

     •     More Space for Information & More Styling Options - With traditional sticker labels you usually have a defined area for the label. Shrink sleeve labels can use nearly the whole surface of your container. This additional space for information creates room to add more graphic styling, compliance or nutritional information.

     •     Can Provide a Tamper-evident Seal - Shrink sleeve labels can be just a tamper-evident shrink band. A perforated tear can be created for your entire shrink sleeve label or just a neck band. This creates a container that can't be opened without destroying the seal and makes it so you don't have to add a tamper-evident band later. 

     •     More Durable Than Traditional Sticker Labels - When products need to withstand moist and humid environments like the kitchen or bathroom, shrink sleeves are perfect. Shrink sleeve labels can withstand repeated contact with moisture because they're made of plastic. This makes them waterproof, weatherproof and freeze proof. 

Creating and Applying Shrink Sleeve Labels

Companies all over the globe specialize in printing shrink sleeves. They'll know what kinds of images distort less and help you build artwork that will showcase your product. Consolidated Label Co. is an amazing company that specializes in both self adhesive label rolls as well as shrink sleeve labels. Give them a call and they'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Once you do have your printed shrink sleeve labels, the next step is applying them to your products. First, slide the sleeve over your product, then apply heat by lowering the handle of the machine. This shrinks the sleeve so it will wrap tightly around the container. 

Our shrink sleeving equipment streamlines shrinking process and applies heat evenly so that your text and graphics don't distort. The best sleeve machines typically use steam, like ours, to heat the shrink sleeve label. Other methods, such as hot air or convection, may result in bubbles, wrinkles or melted sections. Heat guns or hand steamers are inefficient and take a long time. 

Superior Product Packaging and Labeling Using Shrink Sleeve Labels 

Shrink sleeve labels are an excellent labeling choice. It maximizes usable product real estate and provides a tamper-evident seal. It's also highly durable. Packaging plays a crucial role in the success of your product so reach out and see how our machine can help.

Improve your packaging lines efficiency with a shrink sleeve label machine from Zap Labeler!


Zap Labelers Shrink Sleeve Packaging Machine is an extremely effective and inexpensive solution to get your product labeled using shrink sleeve labels.

$499 - Up to 3 Inches

$599 - Up to 4 Inches

There are several types of shrink sleeve packaging machines, including:

• Automatic shrink sleeve applicators: These machines apply shrink sleeves to containers automatically and are suitable for high-volume packaging operations.

• Semi-automatic shrink sleeve applicators: These machines require manual loading of containers, but the shrink sleeve application process is automated. They are suitable for medium-volume packaging operations.

• Handheld shrink sleeve applicators: These are small, portable machines that are used to apply shrink sleeves to containers manually. They are suitable for small-volume packaging operations or for applying shrink sleeves to irregularly shaped containers.

• In-line shrink sleeve applicators: These machines are integrated into the production line and apply shrink sleeves to containers as they move along the line. They are suitable for high-volume packaging operations.

• Rotary shrink sleeve applicators: These machines apply shrink sleeves to containers by rotating them around a central axis. They are suitable for high-volume packaging operations.

• Steam tunnel shrink sleeve applicators: These machines use steam to shrink the sleeves onto the containers. They are suitable for high-volume packaging operations.

• Heat tunnel shrink sleeve applicators: These machines use hot air to shrink the sleeves onto the containers. They are suitable for high-volume packaging operations.