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Powerful in both inline and roll-to-roll applications

Label finishers, applicators, dispensers integrate directly with the L901

The L901 combines exceptional image quality, industrial design and high production speeds with a new ability to service and maintain the printhead “on-the-fly.” This ability makes the L901 perfect for long roll-to-roll print jobs or inline integration with applicators, label finishers and dispensers.

Produce vibrant, full-color prints in high resolution. Large print volumes are now more economical due to the five high-capacity 250ml CMYKK ink cartridges that deliver an ultra-low cost per label.

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L901 Plus with Watershield™ Water-Resistant Inks

The Plus model offers increased moisture and water resistance.

Watershield ink labels are significantly more resistant to the effects of prolonged moisture exposure than conventional dye-based inkjet labels. This makes the L901 Plus perfect for applications such as frozen or chilled beverages, foods, pharmaceutical or chemical products.

This groundbreaking technology also produces deeper blacks, uses more responsibly-sourced inks, and helps to prolong the life of the printhead.

L901 Details

L901 / L901 Plus Industrial Color Label Printer

L901 / L901 Plus Industrial Color Label Printer afinia zaplabeler image

Roll-to-Roll Label Printing

The XL Unwinder/Rewinder system pairs perfectly with the L901 to allow for continuous, roll-to-roll label production. Easily handle rolls up to 12″ in diameter outside diameter for high-volume jobs and reduced media costs.

Designed for Inline Applications

The L901’s Memjet printhead technology allows for on-the-fly maintenance. This ensures perfect inline integration with dispensers, label finishers, applicators and high-volume digital label press configurations.

Ultra-low Ink Cost

Five high-capacity ink cartridges (CMYKK) offer extremely low ink cost per print. One of the leading factors in assessing cost of operation while choosing a printer.

High Resolution & High Speed

Our stationary printhead offers super fast print speeds of up to 60 inches (18m) per minute. Easily keep up with the most high-volume jobs either in a continuous roll-to-roll setup or inline with a digital press.

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