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Detroit City Distillery

Detroit, MI

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spray bottle label applicator
salad dressing label applicator
spice jar label applicator
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square juice bottle label applicator
water bottle label applicator
pouch label applicator
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After researching different labeling machines on the market, (and utilizing several fully-automated machines already) we've found that the Zap Labeler has found a special role at our facility. It is the most user-friendly and versatile label applicator my staff has ever used, and some days it out-performs our automatic machines. The build quality is phenomenal, and we quickly bought a second unit after realizing the value that the first unit added to our production line. The customer service is outstanding, and I have nothing but good things to say. A big thank you goes out to Anita and the crew at Zap for providing an excellent product!    

- Andrew Hamilton, Director of Facility Operations

The Zap Labeler has earned an important spot on our assembly line. It enables an average operator to label 12 bottles (front & back labels) in one minute, while ensuring a consistent label placement, without bubbles, every time. Time is money in manufacturing, and for us, the Zap Labeler saved enough time that it paid for itself in less than 1 week.    

- Dave Shahan, Sunstate Labs

"The Zap Labeler has really helped us streamline our production efforts in an extremely cost effective way.  We started out by hand (very tedious), then with a single labeler and after seeing the immediate benefits - we decided to purchase another!  Now, with two Zap Labelers on our production line the labeling process is 3x faster and effortless -- no longer a bottleneck."     

- Richard Hanley, CEO/Founder of HanleysFoods.com

"The Zap Labeler has made our business run a lot smoother with fast results. Due to the results of the business we are planning on purchasing another one it's a very effective and productive machine, not only it has made us save time but money too... Also great customer service and fast shipping. Thank you Zap Labeler!!"

- Claudia Ortiz, CEO of Vargas Best Seasoning

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William Grant & Sons / Tullamore Dew

Clonmel, Ireland

Journey’s Table

South Burlington, VT

Copper Muse Distillery

Miami, FL

rum vodka gin bottle label applicator

Delabele - Vice 1960

Miami, FL

Eleva Alkaline Water Company

Dallas, TX

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Leno Juice

Los Angeles, CA

Morphix Technologies

Virginia Beach, VA

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"We looked for a flexible, inexpensive, and reliable labeling solution for a long time before finding the Zap Labeler - it does everything we need it to, and more! But the best part isn't even the machine, it's the top-notch customer service! If you need to apply a label to anything that isn't perfectly round (or even some things that are), don't look any further!"       - Carl & Xin, Carapex

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