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We Make and Sell Labeling, Filling and Packaging Systems to Help Small Businesses Grow

Print roll-to-roll labels

Wind and rewind printed material to tight, clean rolls

The L502/L701 Label Rewinder makes managing your labels easy by conveniently rewinding your labels onto a standard 3″ core. It's the perfect addition for companies that experience high usage or the need for labels to be on rolls for use in other processes or to rewind a roll to reverse your label direction.

The rewinder can handle label sizes up to 8.5″ wide and rolls with up to 8.0″ outside diameter, and gives you the ability to situate labels to be either face in or face out.

Once winding/rewinding is complete, remove the core holder and completed roll.

Rolls are now ready to use in a finishing process, slitting or application.

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Zap Labeler - Afinia L502/L701 Rewinder

Afinia - Zap Labeler L502/L701 Rewinder

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