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Make small batches of labels easy

Slit full-width label rolls to multiple thin rolls

The Afinia Label SR-100 allows operators to print multiple designs on a label roll width and then slit them to wide as 8.86″ (225 mm) to multiple rolls of labels as narrow as 0.86″ (21.9 mm).

The SR-100 slitter-rewinder is ideal for applications requiring small labels. Lip balm labels, health and beauty products, and vape labels.

Maximize output

The SR-100 can slit labels super quickly at up to 42.7 ft/min (13 m/min). It works with rolls up to 9.84” in diameter, with a 3” fixed internal diameter. It longitudinally slits pre-cut, full-width label stock. This enables you to use your label printer’s full width and maximize its output.

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SR-100 Slitter/Rewinder

zap labeler afinia SR-100 Slitter/Rewinder

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